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Hi, I’m Mr OK and I’m an vaping product designer. I’ve been an vaper since 2012.

Due to the requirement of my work, I often do creative work late at night, so e-cigarette has become my inseparable partner. But I found that many of the vaping coil not only had a life span of only one day, but also could not keep the original taste for a long time, which upset me.

Therefore, I began to find whether there is a way to make the coil always maintain a very high degree of e-liquid reduction, and can maintain a longer service life of the coil, so MR OK, who is good at creation, began to study the atomizing coil.

From heating material to structure change, after more than 1,000 times of debugging, I finally found an O-type structure to achieve the effect of high reduction degree of e-liquid. Despite trying hundreds of materials, I still couldn’t find the perfect one.

With a flash inspriation, I thought that if colors can be combined, why not organic cotton? So I synthesized several kinds of organic cotton into a multi-level synthetic organic cotton, creating the current O-type cotton;

With the combination of O-coil and O-cotton, OKINO’s O technology was born: O-type e-liquid atomization coil. I shared it with my friends for advice. Full of surprise, they said that is really “what you smoke is what”!

Mr.OK wish:

So that every user can enjoy cost-effective
e-cigarette products, feel the ultimate taste.

O-core technology driven, committed to the continuous improvement of taste reduction degree






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As a sub-brand of INNOKIN, OKINO has a strong R&D team and supply chain system to ensure its core competitiveness in technological innovation

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